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Fused Alumina Powder


Fused Alumina powder is highly friable and hence used in Vitrified Bonded Abrasives products where cool, fast cutting action is essential and also in the manufacture of high purity Alumina refractories. Other applications include use in Coated Abrasives, Surface treatment, Ceramic Tiles, Anti-Skid Paints, Fluidized Bed Furnaces and Skin / Dental Care.
This product is refined from high quality calcined alumina by scientific confecting, rubbing, pulping, spraying, drying. The product is charactered by reasonable particle size, moderate strength, good fluidity, low sintering temperature, easy demolding.

1) Not affecting the color of the processing cases.
2) Sandblasting in the non-iron process.
3) High speed processing.
4) Very low amount of iron oxide, suitable for non-ferrous blasting operations.

Grinding of high-speed steel and all kinds of stainless steel. The application of precision casting, steel refractory, chemical refractory, 95 electrical porcelain, decorated porcelain, special porcelain and high tech industries like military, electron.
Al2O3            SiO2                 Fe2O3                Na2O
98.5-99.5%   <= 0.01%    <=0.03%           <=0.45%
98.5_99.2%  <=0.01%    <= 0.03%           <= 0.45%
98.2_99.0%  <=0.01%    <= 0.03%            <= 0.45%